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AceVCard v.1.0

Components > Miscellaneous > Other

By Arthur van Dijk.

Freeware + source 12 Feb 2010


AceVCard is a component that implements VCard compatibility in a non-visual component. Currently only compatible with VCard 3.0 specifications.


  • Fully compatible with VCard 3.0 Specifications
  • Saves to and loades from Files and/or Streams
  • Up to 8 Phonenumbers supported
  • Up to 8 Email Adresses supported
  • Up to 4 Addresses supported
  • Reads and writes revision date/time
  • Raises exceptions for handling on errors.
  • Informations
    • Status: Fully functional
    • Source: Included
    • Size: 28kB

    Platforms: D2009

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