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"Torry's Delphi Pages" are maintained for you by YAMACO Software free of charge.

We decided to create and maintain those pages because we know what problems you can encounter while trying to find something for your projects. We have been working with Delphi for decades and from its initial version and have enough experience of programming so we're able to help you in various scenarios that can occur. Yes, we don't know everything, and we don't work with everything, but we consider that "collective mind" can solve many problems.

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Delphi Informant Magazine. Delphi Hall of Fame: Class of 2001.

There are dozens, maybe hundreds, of developers who could seriously be considered for inclusion into this elite set, but only a few have been influential enough to be nominated and approved.

The Spirit of Delphi Award

Congratulations you have won The Spirit of Delphi Award! There are only a few extraordinary individuals who have selflessly dedicated great portions of their own time and energy to bringing Delphi, and information about Delphi, to others. Delphi would not be what it is today without the efforts of people like you.

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We are pleased to inform you that Torry's Delphi Pages was just recognized as one of the top Delphi programming-related Internet sites.

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Torry's Delphi Pages are rated by efg's Computer Lab as Extremely Helpful, Major Resources.

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W7 Vista

For applications: Operation System for which application is designed

Dx CBx KLx

Delphi or C++ Builder version or Kylix for which component or tool is designed


Component, tool or application is Shareware


Component, tool or application is Freeware


Component, tool or application is Freeware with Sources


Component, tool or application is Commercial (paid)


Indicates that application, component, link to page or something else was added to Torry's Delphi pages in last two weeks


Indicates that application, component, link to page or something else was updated in last two weeks


Indicates that discussion forum thread was established for this product


Link to product Homepage


Link to on-line registration service for component or tool


Free copy of product was provided us by author. Many thanks !

We use it

Torry.net and/or YAMACO Software use this product in real work

Torry Top

Torry's Top award is granted for a good job for the Delphi community

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We consider this product as a hot stuff that you should not miss

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Demo or trial version of product is available


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Ing. Karel Janecek, MBA, MSc.

owner, project supervisor, maintenance, programming, marketing

Jiri Janecek

maintenance, graphics, forum administrator

Klara Janeckova

advertisement, upload manager

Ing. Richard Ruibar

webhosting, programming, system administrator

Torry.net Team (former members)

Maxim Peresada

founder, project supervisor, maintenance, programming

Sergey Bilukin

technical assistance, mirrors support, scripting

Vitali Nasonov

design, graphics, webmaster

Konstantin Sigalov

advertising, sales, marketing

Artem Berman

section editor

Simon Grossenbacher

section editor

Sergey Ivanov


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