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Universal database dialogs and actions

It helps you to create feature-rich database application very easily with few line of code.


It is set of many database actions, menus, toolbars and dialogs which enhance any database application developed in RAD studio.

Set contains prepared universal dialogs for common database task as Seeking, Sorting, Filtering, Exporting, Printing, Copying etc.

Dialogs are reusable for any DBGrid and any database components as ADO, DBX, IB, FireDac, UniDac...

Toolbars and dialogs have new modern design with self-explaining icons.

Main features

  • Universal Toolbar for quick access to main database actions
  • Universal PopupMenu with possibility to choose which actions are visible
  • DBFind dialog for seeking of record
  • DBSort dialog for setting and re/storing of multilevel sorting
  • DBFilter dialog for setting and re/storing of filter conditions
  • DBFields dialog for setting of fields properties and visibility
  • DBExport dialog for exporting data to TXT, SLK, Excel or RTF/DOCX
  • DBPrintDirect dialog for printing data
  • DBGridProps dialog for setting of rDBGrid looks and properties
  • DBFieldsGroup dialog for setting of rDBGrid column-grouping
  • DBGridCellParams dialog for setting of conditions for cell highlighting in rDBGrid
  • DBImport dialog provides wizard for importing of data from any source to any table

Example of dialogs:

How to implement these functions

All toolbars, menus and actions are stored in prepared datamodule which can be easily added to your application. There are also set of units and forms which provides particular function for selected DBGrid or dataset. Each dialog contain simple interface (procedure or function) which is called by prepared actions or can be used directly by your application.

All actions and dialogs are localized to many languages.

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