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Why advertising at ?

  • High Efficiency: Extremely Targeting - for Delphi/RAD Studio users and developers
  • Worldwide: Average Monthly Statistics for last 12 months in Brief - 20-30 000 Visits, 15-20 000 Visitors, 40-50 000 Displayed pages, 2,2 Pages/Visit, Average Time/Visit 2:10, Returning vs. new visitors: 60% vs. 40%
  • Flexibility: Flexible banner schemes, free-of-charge changes in banners during the campaign, very reasonable pricing
  • Money-saving: Solution for every budget, interesting discounts for permanent advertisers

Types and prices of Advertisement


Leaderboard banner in header part of the page [728 x 90] (instead of 468 x 60):
210 USD or 198 EUR/12 months

Wide Skyscraper banner in the right area of the page [160 x 600]:
210 USD or 198 EUR/12 months

Square banner in the left or right column [250 x 250]:
140 USD or 132 EUR/12 months

Companies news box advertising in header part of content page - HTML or plain text plus image max.100 x 100:
600 USD or 565 EUR/6 months

Further discounts are applicable for simultaneous ordering two or more banners (advertising).

Torry TOP Partners

Advertisement costs are very important part of total expenditures and every advertiser has to focus on the ways how to spend such costs in efficient and purposeful way.
For the most important advertisers and partner offers extraordinary option focused on long‐term, high‐yield and low‐cost advertisement schema. Premium section at portal, called Companies News, is used for this purpose.

Companies News section is displayed at homepage and at almost all others pages and subpages as well. Section is always shown "above the fold" – it means that visitor isn't forced to scroll down for seeing ad content. In order to creating this promo more exceptional, limites number of advertisement in this area to 10 (ten). It means that your ads will be displayed very often (typically 1000x per day – based on available Google Analytics data), will be frequently visible for all visitors in "above the fold" area.

In addition, every TOP Partners programme member is entitled to have 250x100 static banner in left column of homepage (section TOP Partners). This banner is visible permanently across all pages. Reference linked to this banner will contain "nofollow" attribute.

Every ad can contain image and text part. PNG and JPG images up to 150 x 150 are allowed together with 4‐10 lines of formatted text (HTML). Text can contain references (URLs).

Advertisement price for Torry TOP Partners:
1099 USD or 1035 EUR/12 months

Torry Partners

Torry Partners programme is intended for advertisers who would like to have their banner permanently visible across the portal including homepage.
Advertisers are entitled to have 250x100 static banner in left column of homepage (section Torry Partners). This banner is visible permanently across all pages.

Advertisement price for Torry Partners:
350 USD or 320 EUR/12 months

More interesting pages and links (textlink)

Textlinks with given URL can be placed into the premium position at the homepage. This section is called More interesting pages and links and this area is visible not only at the homepage but at all pages across the Torry portal. Every textlink can contain one line of the text pointing to destination URL address.

Advertisement price for More interesting pages and links:
350 USD or 320 EUR/12 months

Sponsors Page

This revamped page is intended for advertisers who prefer small static advertisement for very low price.

Conditions for this type of ads:

  • every ad is displayed as a header URL link (max. 3 words) and/or one line of text (up to 15 words),
  • ads are sorted alphabetically and their position cannot be changed,
  • no images or graphic are allowed,
  • you can order as many ads as you want.
  • reference linked to this ad will contain "nofollow" attribute

Advertisement price for Sponsors page:
95 USD or 90 EUR/12 months

Articles Page

This new page contains various articles about Delphi, programming and other topics.

You can write as many articles as you like. Commercial articles are allowed.

Price of placing an article at Articles page:
Temporarily free of charge except commercial articles (100 USD - one-time fee)

Sponsored Search

This system allows to display your components or products in the top position of search results via Search box at Torry.

Advertisement price for Sponsored Search (one product and 12 months):
10 USD or 9 EUR

Advertisement price for Sponsored Search (one product and no time limit):
80 USD or 75 EUR

How to order and pay for advertisement ?

All orders are managed through common email. You will receive email from PayPal for completing the payment shortly.

Payment via Bank (Wire) Transfer is also possible.


To improve advertising targeting, please, supply us the keywords.

Keywords are used on all pages free of extra charge.

On search pages words from user's query are used as keywords.

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