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MetaGroupLib for Delphi v.1.0

Components > Tools > Run-Time

By SCM Computers.

Shareware 02 Jul 2001


MetaGroupLib was designed for defining data structures quickly. Originally evolved from a dynamic database for a agent system, where data could be added and removed easily as the system learned new information. This is a third generation design using grouping structures.


  • Each MetaGroup is composed of MetaProperties which are basic types string, integer, float, etc (user types allowed in registered version).
  • Groups and Properties can be added and removed on the fly.
  • Complex hiearchies can be built by attaching groups together.
  • Properties can inherit from base groups to make reusable structures.
  • MetaLibs allow the complete group hiearchy to be saved/loaded with one line of code.
  • Saved/Loaded MetaLibs make for moveable data structures between applications.


  • Status: With Nag-Screen
  • Source: On purchase/registration
  • price: $80.30
  • Exe demo: included
  • Size: 390kB

Platforms: D4, D5