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Voland v.1.01

Applications in Delphi and BCB > Security > Logging and Monitoring

By Alexander Dryomov.

Shareware 19 Jul 2000


For work the presence on machines of protocol TCP/IP is necessary. The package is intended for the collect of the statistical information about work of computers and can be used for check of efficiency of their use.

The package makes the collection of statistics on following parameters: pressing of mouse and keyboard buttons, time of observation, idle time of computers.

Besides the package allows to create "the black list of processes", which are forbidden for starting on client machines. In case of start even one from these processes, the monitor will record this fact. The given property can be used, for example, against start of the game programs. There is a possibility also to look through a current state anyone from client machines (list of processes, list of windows, system information, a snapshot of the screen) and to start on the client machine any application, which on it is present. There is a possibility of a guard of access to the client machine with the password.

The given package can be considered as a means of monitoring of work of the employees of the enterprise. The package consists of three main parts: the monitor, client and statistics browser.


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