George Vrahimis

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    Collage v.2.02

    Applications in Delphi and BCB > Graphics > Viewers

    By George Vrahimis.

    Shareware 02 Oct 2000


    Collage is a quick and easy to use image/movie viewer which includes a number of useful image enhancement and editing features. One of its strongest features is a powerful collage creation capability.This allows a number of images (or portions of images) to be pasted on to a single canvas and saved as a single image. Great for grouping all those small single images or simply creating works of art. Other features include cropping, resize, rotate, slideshow, fit-to-screen, text and border insertion. Enhance images using the Autobalance, Sharpen, Smooth functions aswell as a choice of nine Zooming algorithms. Collage also has the ability to playback movies and to export user selected frames as images. A standard windows menu bar together with a tool and status bar makes this application quick and easy to operate.


    • Status: Fully functional
    • Source: On purchase/registration
    • price: $5
    • Source price: $10
    • Size: 1 769kB

    Platforms: NT4, W95, W98,