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Design, explore and maintain databases, build compound SQL query statements, manage database user rights, and manipulate data fast and convenient.

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CarbonSoft cxBvLabel v.1.011

Components > Labels > Enhanced Labels

By CarbonSoft.

Freeware + source 23 Jul 1998


Label with integrated bevel as seen in MS 'Options' dialogs.


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: Included
  • Size: 5kB

Platforms: D2, D3, D4

Carbonsoft cxCpu 4 v.4.2

Components > System > CPU

By CarbonSoft.

Freeware + source 11 Aug 2004


Carbonsoft cxCpu release 4 is the premier processor identification toolkit for Borlandxae Delphi and Kylix providing a comprehensive class library that allows developers to quickly identify x86 based processors from all major vendors running on the Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms.

Carbonsoft cxCpu delivers the most complete, multi vendor, processor identification toolkit available. With full support for single and multi-processor systems, cxCpu release 4 provides access to virtually all information available via the CPUID instruction.

The information available includes:

  • Processor name (via the Marketing Name feature, Brand identifier, or native CPUID)
  • Processor speed (actual, nominal, and optionally AMD performance rating)
  • Processor usage (Microsoft Windows platform only)
  • Cache availability, associativity, line size, and size (L1 code/data/unified, L2, L3, and trace)
  • Processor Serial Number (raw or formatted, as available)
  • Feature availability, mnemonics, and descriptions (for all feature sets including Transmeta)
  • Processor vendor (identification string, feature set definition, cache model)
  • Processor signature (standard and extended family, model, type, stepping, and brand fields)
  • CPUID availability and supported level (standard, extended, and transmeta)
  • Processor errata (FDivBug, AMD Duron cache reporting bug).
Carbonsoft cxCpu 4 supports all Intel, AMD, Via/Cyrix, IDT, NexGen, UMC, Rise, and Transmeta processors that implement the CPUID instruction which, as a general rule, includes Pentium-class processors or later.

The standard package includes full source code for the cxCpu class library, VCL and CLX example programs, and documentation in HtmlHelp (CHM) format. Other documentation formats and precompiled demo programs available from the web site.


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: Included
  • Size: 467kB

Platforms: D6, D7

Carbonsoft cxDrive v.1.0

Components > Files and Drives > Disk Information

By CarbonSoft.

Freeware + source 04 Apr 2004


Carbonsoft cxDrive is an interface-based class library for Borland Delphi that makes obtaining information about the fixed and removable disks in a system both quick and simple.

Getting information about one or more of the disks in a system is a relatively straightforward task. There are well documented functions in the Win32 API that will tell you whatever you want to know. Carbonsoft cxDrive wraps these functions into an easy to use class library that hides the complexity of the underlying API calls allowing you to concentrate on getting the information you want rather than the obscurities of the Win32 API.

The information available includes:

  • Drive availability
  • Drive type (removable, fixed, remote, CD-ROM, RAM)
  • Drive name (as displayed in Windows Explorer)
  • Space information (total, available, free, and used)
  • Drive features and characteristics (reparse points, case sensitivity, etc)
  • Volume information (path, volume name)
  • Shell information (icon, name, type name).
The standard package includes full source code for the cxDrive class library and a VCL example program.


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: Included
  • Size: 24kB

Platforms: D7

CarbonSoft cxKeyPlus v.1.0

Components > System > Keys and Keyboard

By CarbonSoft.

Freeware + source 07 Nov 2000


CarbonSoft cxKeyPlus is a non-visual component that allows you to support the extended keys on Microsoft keyboards (Natural Pro, Internet, etc.) in your applications. Events provided for all 23 possible key presses including status of modifier keys (Shift, Ctrl, etc.)

Works on Windows 2000 (probably Me) systems, and Win 9x with IntelliType software installed (with restrictions).


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: Included
  • Size: 28kB

Platforms: D3, D4, D5