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DC-DSP Components v.1.0

Components > Sound Effects > Other

By Milenko Mitrovic.

Freeware + source 21 Aug 2004


This is a Component Pack for Delphi 6/7 that is able to do various DSP Transformations on 8/16/24/32 Bit PCM integer and 32Bit PCM Float Buffers. Some Filters, like Amplify, 3DSound, BitRate Conversion and the FFT (which is used by the Equalizer, Spectrum Analyzer, ...) are optimized to use SSE/3DNow and extended 3DNow instructions.

Included are also Wrapper components for all MS DMO Filters (available since DX8). These DMO Filters can only handle 2 Channels and 16Bit integer or 32 Bit Float Streams.

Winamp2 Visual and DSP Wrappers, a Spectrum and Waveform Analyzer and a sample DSP/VIS Plugin API are also available in this Components Pack.

The DSP Components are release under the Mozilla Public License 1.1. Some of the Components are based on Sources under different Licenses (GPL/WOL). These Licenses are explicitly mentioned in the Headers of these Filters.

To get a better Performance the DSP Components uses John O'Harrow's FastMove, which is part of the FastCode Project and GLScene's RecyclerMM as MemoryManager replacement (needed for SSE Instructions).


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: Included
  • Size: 1 083kB

Platforms: D6, D7