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Inspired by our users ideas, we decided to have a contest for those who work with FastReport VCL 6. Create either an app, report, or addon to FastReport VCL 6 (no purchase needed, you can use demo) to win 10 inch tablet on Windows 10. Deadline for project submitting is August, 15. Winner will be chosen by popular vote.

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WIDENT (Where is the IDENTifier?)

Components > Experts, IDE etc. > IDE

By Max Vlasov.

Freeware + source 07 Mar 2001


Codewriting is an identifier-centric process in any of existing development enviroments. Code browsers simplifies the navigating, but why not to simplify it with the best tool for the writing - with the keyboard?

This enhancement module (Wident) uses two keyboard shortcuts for navigating through the references of identifiers. Ctrl-Alt-Up, and Ctrl-Alt-Down. Both get a whole word at cursor and search it backward and forward. That's all about the technical side of the subject but not all about the usage. The key point is when this shortcuts are used sequentially. For example, two "down" keypressings lead you to the second relative reference of the identifier you stayed on and two "up" ones afterwards return you to the initial position. It's akin to ordinary cursor movings between lines but this ones can pass much more space at a time and allow you to think about the unit not as a set of lines but as "a web of keywords, identifiers and their references".

Additionally, if nothing was found, Wident does a beep and there are also two shortcuts to re-search the last susccessful pattern - Ctrl-Alt-Left/Right.


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: Included
  • Size: 13kB

Platforms: D5