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TsfAppExec v.1.0

Components > System > Apps and Tasks

By Chen Ken.

Freeware + source 12 May 1997


This is a component for calling other applications in your application. You can get application's Exit Code if you wait for application exit before continuing. It's very important if you run some MS DOS application.


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: Included
  • Size: 11kB

Platforms: D1, D2

TsfHeader v.0.90

Components > Miscellaneous > Other

By Chen Ken.

Freeware + source 29 Apr 1997


This component just like THeader and THeaderControl in Delphi with some enhancements: you can set a string and a bitmap for every section, you can resize and move every section runtime...


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: Included
  • Size: 51kB

Platforms: D1, D2

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