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Planet PICC Lite v.1.2

Developer Tools > Developer Tools > Drivers, Emulation, etc

By TREDI s.n.c..

Shareware 30 Jan 2003


Planet PICC Lite is a editor IDE application that allows to write the source programs in the Ansi "C" language for PIC microcontrollers, PIC16C84, 16F84, 16F84A, 16F627, 12F629, 12F675, 16F877, 16F877A types. Planet PICC Lite it can open 20 pages of text maximum, shows the keywords of the Ansi "C" and Assembly to make easy and to improve the source code writing, it manages automatically the file project shown in the Project Manager. For each project, Planet PICC Lite produces a folder which contains the source files (Source), a folder which contains the include files (Include) and a folder for the files generated by the compiler (OutFile). Planet PICC Lite also has a message output window which generates the error and warning messages during the compilation and linking. The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) allows to change the colours and styles of the editor and the keywords, allows to change the parameters of the compiler. Planet PICC Lite makes use of an external professional compiler, "PICC Lite" realized by "Hi-Tech Software". It accepts the following data type: char, integer, long, float, double with or without sign; structures of data and functions; all instructions and functions of the Ansi "C" language.


  • Status: Demo only
  • Source: None
  • price: $103
  • Size: 1 142kB

Platforms: D5