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Bluetooth Framework

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The Bluetooth Framework is the Software Developer Kit (SDK) for software developers that provides an easy access to the Bluetooth features on the Windows desktop platforms.
  • BlueSoleil Bluetooth Drivers
  • Microsoft Bluetooth Drivers
  • Toshiba Bluetooth Drivers
  • Bluetooth LE (BLE) GATT profile
  • Monitoring Bluetooth LE Proximity Beacon (iBeacon)
  • Monitoring Bluetooth LE Eddystone Beacon
  • Capturing Raw Bluetooth LE Advertisement frames
  • Advertising as Bluetooth LE Proximity Beacon (iBeacon)
  • Advertising as Bluetooth LE Eddystone UID Beacon
  • Advertising as Bluetooth LE Eddystone URL Beacon
  • Enumerating and Managing Local Bluetooth Radios
  • Searching for Remote Bluetooth Enabled Devices
  • Measuring RSSI
  • Enumerating Bluetooth Services on a Remote Device
  • Bluetooth Manual Pairing
  • Bluetooth Automatic Pairing (SilentAuth)
  • Bluetooth RFCOMM Client
  • Bluetooth RFCOMM Server
  • Bluetooth Vitual COM Ports
  • Detecting Bluetooth device type

Order this product in Torry's Discounts and save 10-20% !

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