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SharpPlus ActionList For WinForm v.2.03

.NET > System > Actions

By SharpPlus Software Corp..

Freeware 09 Feb 2008


SharpPlus ActionList For WinForm is a set of Components designed to speed the GUI development whicn Implemented Delphi ActionList for WinForm.


  • Free for non-commercial use
  • Shipped with all source
  • Support .Net 1.1 and .Net2.0
  • Supply Intergration with VS2003, VS2005 and Delphi2005 IDE(Component and HtmlHelp2) .
  • Natively Support WinForms MenuItem, Toolbar Button , Button, ToolStripMenuItem and ToolStripButton(only for .Net 2.0) and can be easily extended to support third-party Controls.
  • Include a lot of Standard Actions.
Internet Actions
  • BrowseUrlAction
Edit Actions
  • EditCopyAction
  • EditCutAction
  • EditClearAction
  • EditPasteAction
  • EditSelectAllAction
  • EditUndoAction
Window Actions
  • WindowCloseAction
  • WindowArrangeAction
  • WindowCascadeAction
  • WindowMinimizeAllAction
  • WindowTileHorizontalAction
  • WindowTileHorizontalAction
  • WindowTileVerticalAction.
List Actions
  • ListSelectAllAction
  • ListClearAction
  • ListDeleteSelectionAction
  • ListCopySelectionlAction
  • ListMoveSelectionAction.
DataSource Actions(only for .Net 2.0)
  • DataSourceAddNewAction
  • DataSourceDeleteAction
  • DataSourceMoveFirstAction
  • DataSourceMovePreviousAction
  • DataSourceMoveNextAction
  • DataSourceMoveLastAction.


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: Included
  • Exe demo: included
  • Size: 559kB

Platforms: D2005, S2003, S2005

SharpPlus Html Help 2 Registration Toolkit v.1.3

.NET Tools > Help Tools > Components

By SharpPlus Software Corp..

Freeware 18 Feb 2009


SharpPlus Html Help 2 Registration Toolkit (RegH2) is a utility that will register html help 2 collections and titles. It can be used to integrated html help 2 to Visual Studio, Borland Delphi.Net and etc without lots of manual steps to create the proper records in the Windows Installer database. RegH2 includes a GUI version and a command line version. The command line version can be redistruted to deploy the html help 2 collections.For example, You can create an installer with InnoSetup to run RegH2 to install the html help 2 collections.


  • Supply a GUI program to create registration configuration file and can be used to test registration.
  • Supply a command line program to be redistributed as a part of html help 2 installation.
  • Support register html help 2 to multi targets such as VS.Net 2003 and Borland Delphi 2005.
  • Support register html help 2 as plugin or merge topic.
  • Free for Non-Commercial Use.


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: None
  • Exe demo: included
  • Size: 2 296kB

Platforms: D2005, D2006, D2007, D8, P2009, S2002, S2003, S2005, S2008

SQLite Developer v.3.5.2

Database Tools > SQL Lite > Power Tools

By SharpPlus Software Corp..

Shareware 05 Oct 2009


SharpPlus SQLite Developer Preview, an utility that will manage SQLite3 database.
  • Powerful SQL Editor supports Sqlite SQL Syntax Highlight, parentheis matching, history, keyword , Schema autocomplete, live sql syntax check and can edit, load, save unicode, ANSI text.
  • SQL Formatter;
  • Supports ansi , utf8 and utf16 data encoding and decoding;
  • Customizable Data Type Mapping;
  • Execute multiple sql separated by semi colon;
  • SQL Monitor;
  • Visual Query Builder;
  • Query plan;
  • Support tables, views, trigger , foreign key and index management;
  • View and edit temporary table, views, trigger and index;
  • Database Schema Editor;
  • View and edit field as Text , Hex , HTML or bmp, gif, jpeg;
  • Database, Table, View, Trigger and Index management;
  • Supports LiveUpdate;
  • Extract DB schema;
  • Export data to SQL, CSV, Excel, Word, HTML, XML.
  • Import data from CSV, SQLite Database and ado datasource.
  • TreeView style Database Explorer with smart filter.
  • Find in Database Schema
  • Cancel long-time query.
  • Attach , Detach Database.
  • Master Detail Browser
  • RTree and ICU Support(with over 300+ new unicode collations).
  • Load data on demand for huge data table.
  • Support loadable extension and virtual table.
  • Multi languages support (English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese).


  • Status: Evaluation (time-limit)
  • Source: None
  • price: $49
  • Size: 8 293kB

Platforms: Vista, W2K, W2K3, W2K8, W7, XP,