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    const EnUS TFormatSettings

    Components > Tools > Multi Language

    By Serdar S. Kacar.

    Freeware + source 05 Oct 2010


    Programs that store variables as strings by various formating functions have a serious risk of unexpected behaviour in the following cases :

    • Variables written in a locale and read from another one,
    • Even if the locales are the same, a user has "customized" her own locale settings.
    Something as simple as storing a double in an INI file could be bothersome.

    The solution is already, but partially, provided by Delphi as various formating functions support an optional a parameter of type TFormatSettings.

    A constant of type TFormatSettings that "never" changes is the only thing we need to satisfy the locale-safe requirements.

    This unit includes English (United States) format settings as

    . const FormatSettingsEnUS: TFormatSettings = (...)

    This unit also includes conversion routines for TDateTime and ctime() formatted strings.

    Keywords: Localization, Format, FormatFloat, DecimalSeparator, ctime()


    • Status: Fully functional
    • Source: Included
    • Size: 4kB

    Platforms: D7

    Control Character Edit v.1.0

    Components > Edits, Memos > Edits for different types

    By Serdar S. Kacar.

    Freeware + source 12 Jun 2002


    Allows editing also the control characters (#0 to #31). eg. by setting Text property to 'OK&13;&10;' one can read 'OK'#13#10 from TextParsed property.


    • Status: Fully functional
    • Source: Included
    • Exe demo: included
    • Size: 209kB

    Platforms: D6