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Significantly improved work with images - as in image editors:
- High-quality vector SVG images in reports
- Improved image transparency in different formats

New objects widen the concept of a "report":
Two-Track Pharmacode for designing and printing medication and vaccine packages

Report safety and security:
Now reports in PDF are protected with a digital signature. It guarantees its uniqueness, allows to clearly establish the authorship, and protects it from editing. Your reports now correspond with the docflow standards.

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TRdShareIt v.2.0

Components > LAN and WAN > MS Networks

By realmdigital.

Freeware 16 Apr 2002


TRdShareIt can be used to create / remove / query / update shares for a local or remote resource. All share types are supported including disk, directory, printer and more. All security applicable to the share and operating system are supported such as access permission, number of users and passwords.


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: On purchase/registration
  • Source price: $50
  • Size: 49kB

Platforms: D4, D5, D6