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KNGLib and TKNGDB Navigator v.

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By Stefaan Lesage.

Freeware + source 08 Jul 1999


Contained a few new classes, functions and components. The components included in the library are :
  • Standard Components:
    • TKNGLabel: An enhanced Label component which allows to draw a Bevel Border around it. Also has an OnMouseEnter and an OnMouseLeave event.
    • TKNGURLLabel: A label which descends from the TKNGCustomLabel component, so it also supports the Bevel settings. Supports Hyperlinks to Web Pages and E-Mail.
    • TKNGPanel: A descendant from TKNGCustomPanel, which also supports the Bevel Settings and the OnMouseEnter and OnMouseLeave events.
    • TKNGEdit: A TEdit component for which you can set the BackgroundColor and FontColor for the Disabled Status and the Focused Status.
  • Data Aware Components:
    • TKNGDBNavigator: An enhanced DBNavigator.
    • TKNGDBText: A data aware version of the TKNGLabel.
    • TKNGDBStatusLabel: A Simple DataSet Status Label.
    • TKNGDBLookupLabel: A simple Lookup Label component with all the functionality of the TKNGLabel.


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: Included
  • Size: 237kB

Platforms: D3, D4