• Create and validate signatures over PDF, XML, and Office documents
  • Manage X.509 certificates easily and transparently on all platforms
  • Integrate swiftly to local, national, and international PKI environments

ADO Admin v.1.00.00

By New Zealand Computing Solutions.

Freeware + source 30 Nov 2005


The ADO Admin is a central location for storing ADO connections strings. It is simlar to the BDE admin and can be used by people using various programming languages via a COM control or directly using VCL.


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: Included
  • Size: 912kB

Platforms: ME, NT4, W2K, W2K3, W98, XP,

ADO Explorer v.2.00

By PEYO spol. s r.o..

Shareware 30 Nov 2005


ADO Explorer is a powerful SQL database tool using ADO (ActiveX Database Objects) that allows you to proceed quickly and efficiently in your everyday database work.

There are various database tools on the market but most of them we find unsuitable for everyday performance. Some of them have really good features, but our experience is that these huges packages are really hard to use.

And you can use it for any database or database server accesible via ADO.

Among many features (listed below) we would like to mention its ability to use native SQL commands for specific servers in order to get database structure information.

Since version 1.42, it comes with native support for MS SQL, Oracle and Informix servers.

If you use different server, like Sybase or any other, you can define SQL commands for it.


  • Status: Evaluation (time-limit)
  • Source: None
  • price: $24
  • Size: 3 195kB

Platforms: ME, NT4, W2K, W2K3, W95, W98, XP,

AdoAnywhere ADO Browser v.2.7

By Think Group.

Commercial 13 May 2002


Open ADO Connections and Queries to your Databases to view internal ADO object properties and methods. Ado connection Open Schema GUI, ADOX interface GUI, Database Diagram, dynamic property editors for connection, recordset, commands and fields. Live result sets with batch updating facilities.


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: None
  • price: $20
  • Size: 2 103kB

Platforms: ME, NT4, W2K, W95, W98, XP,

ADOMine 2003 v.10

By WIMSS Inc..

Shareware 08 Apr 2003


ADOMine is an inexpensive tool that helps developers, DBAs, business analysts, testers, and general power users explore databases, share common queries, build common reports, share XML.

ADOMine 2003 features:

  • View DSN information
  • View ODBC Information
  • View OLEDB provider information
  • List Tables (System, Temporary, Standard)
  • List Views
  • List Table, Views, Index, & Key Fields
  • List Indexes
  • List Keys
  • Save connection information
  • SQL Builder
  • Report Builder
  • Embedded Browser
  • Save queries for later use
  • Save query results to an XML file
  • View and edit XML data
  • View data in form and grid view.
There are other tools on the market that are very expensive that have feature sets that go far beyond what their average user will ever utilize. This is a waste of resources.

There are also other less expensive tools like ADOMine 2003. These tools, however, usually look the part. This is also a waste of resources. If the tool is not up to date, undocumented, frequently crashes, and is just generally a nuisance then no matter how much information it provides, it not much use if it sits on a shelf.

If you need a tool that exposes the your SQL database information and improves your teams effectiveness while helping the bottom line, take a look at ADOMine 2003.


  • Status: Partially restricted
  • Source: N/A
  • price: $40
  • Size: 4 503kB

Platforms: ME, NT4, W2K, W98, XP,

SiSData v.

By S.I.S. srl - Italy.

Shareware 20 Apr 2008


It can create, manage, perform queries, export and print every kind of data (ADO compatible) with special integrations and support to Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Databases.

Here is a list of list of supported functions and features:

  • Easy Installation/uninstallation without use of DLL nor ActiveX components.
  • Multilanguage software: Italian, English, French, German, Spain (French, German, Spain are on work)
  • Wizard for easy creation of Database connections.
  • Live update to guarantee immediate upgrades of the software (when a new Version is released).
  • Quick open function, useful when You just want to open databases without connection string.
  • Security management with passwords and crypted connections.
  • MDI environment supports the simultaneous display of multiple Databases/tables.
  • Database structure management.
  • Possibility to exclude SYSTEM TABLES, SYSTEM VIEWS...
  • SQL Script export to create tables and insert data into them, with correct conversion to the destination database.
  • Export table structure and index list to HTML format, with navigable links.
  • Database/table structure printing.
  • Table structure management: Delete, create, clone, rename a table easily. Table structure display with separation in: Fields - Keys - Indexes.
  • Insert, modify, export and print Fields, Keys, Indexes.
  • Table opening with automatic creation of the resulting query, or with field selection.
  • In line help to write Queries, with automatic display of fields of the used table.
  • In line help to write dates, with automatic identification of the used Provider (Convert( ), to_date() ..).
  • Query archive.
  • Direct editing on data grids, with advanced management for "memo" and "picture" fields.
  • Automatic and manual Transactions management on independent windows: Sisdata allows You to perform editing on data grids directly and/or with SQL Statement, and to choose in the end whether confirm modifications (Commit) or cancel them (Rollback).
  • Data type identification in the columns through the corresponding icons.
  • Immediate vaporization of numeric columns with mathematical functions such as sum, Minimum, Maximum, average...
  • User defined Grid visualization, with settings for Titles, Rows or Columns.
  • Ascending/Descending ordering on Columns.
  • Export Query/Table content to the following formats:
    • Microsoft Ado Stream
    • CSV
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft Word
    • Microsoft Rich text Format (RTF)
    • HyperText Markup Language (HTML)
    • XML.
  • SQL Script generation for Tables creation and data insertion.
  • For advanced users: possibility to use VBScript/PascalScript procedures for editing (Data insert, modification and delete) / and manipulation of records content during script execution.
  • In line debugger to correct possible Script Errors.
  • Many more...


  • Status: Evaluation (time-limit)
  • Source: On request
  • price: $90
  • Size: 1 949kB

Platforms: ME, NT4, Vista, W2K, W2K3, XP,