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Shareware 08 Apr 2003

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ADOMine is an inexpensive tool that helps developers, DBAs, business analysts, testers, and general power users explore databases, share common queries, build common reports, share XML.

ADOMine 2003 features:

  • View DSN information
  • View ODBC Information
  • View OLEDB provider information
  • List Tables (System, Temporary, Standard)
  • List Views
  • List Table, Views, Index, & Key Fields
  • List Indexes
  • List Keys
  • Save connection information
  • SQL Builder
  • Report Builder
  • Embedded Browser
  • Save queries for later use
  • Save query results to an XML file
  • View and edit XML data
  • View data in form and grid view.
There are other tools on the market that are very expensive that have feature sets that go far beyond what their average user will ever utilize. This is a waste of resources.

There are also other less expensive tools like ADOMine 2003. These tools, however, usually look the part. This is also a waste of resources. If the tool is not up to date, undocumented, frequently crashes, and is just generally a nuisance then no matter how much information it provides, it not much use if it sits on a shelf.

If you need a tool that exposes the your SQL database information and improves your teams effectiveness while helping the bottom line, take a look at ADOMine 2003.


  • Status: Partially restricted
  • Source: SW
  • Price: $40
  • Size: 4 611 198kB

Operating systems:

  • Windows ME
  • Windows NT4
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows 98
  • Windows XP