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TMS software, established in 1995, is a software development company specialized in:

  • VCL, FMX, LCL, FNC, .NET, IntraWeb component development
  • Windows, Web, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, Node.js development projects
  • Training, consulting & custom project development
  • TMS software has a team of experienced developers with main office in Europe, Belgium as well as offices in Germany, Uruguay & Brazil.

    Axmate v.

    By Adam Warren.

    Freeware 16 Dec 2004


    Axmate is the a multi chat application that enables the users worldwide to use MSN Messenger, YAHOO! Messenger and ICQ in one application, Axmate. The application has many add-on features (i.e. fire transfer, sound effects, Unicode typing and multi-languages, x85etc.) Axmate IM client allows you to seamlessly integrate all of your communications traffic in a single, sleek package.


    • Status: Fully functional
    • Source: None
    • Size: 2 839kB

    Platforms: NT4, W2K, W2K3, W98, XP,

    Bertoni IRC-client v.2.6.2

    By Maxim Artemev.

    Freeware + source 17 Apr 2002


    This program is a fully functional IRC-client with full source code and contains: skins support; smiles support; Pascal built-in interpreter - so you can write a scripts; optimized for speed GDI text render; advanced text effects such as gradient, semi-fill; mIRC compatible DCC files transfer and chating support, saving the chat log into HTML.


    • Status: Fully functional
    • Source: Included
    • Size: 923kB

    Platforms: NT4, W95, W98,

    IrcA Service v.1.1

    By Digital-W Soft.

    Shareware 10 Jun 2002


    ircA Service - is a tool used for creating IRC bots and run them like Windows NT service. It is usefull when you logoff your computer and want irc bot to run. You can easy write you own bot (dll) by the example included into setup package. Just try it and you will like it. Stays connected while your computer logged off. Rejoins channel when kicked or kickbaned. Reconnects on disconnection. Nick recovery every 15 seconds.


    • Status: Evaluation (time-limit)
    • Source: N/A
    • price: $24.95
    • Size: 366kB

    Platforms: W2K, XP,

    MandA VideoChat v.1.4

    By Maikel van der Hulst.

    Freeware 24 Feb 2007


    MandA VideoChat is an application, build in Delphi 7, using a MySQL database to communicate with other people via text and video (webcam).


    • Status: Fully functional
    • Source: None
    • Size: 9 274kB

    Platforms: Vista, W2K3, XP,

    RoYa v.4.0

    By Mashatan Software.

    GPLS 07 Nov 2008


    RoYa is an instant messaging robot server. This software provides automatic response to IM questions in an interactive fashion as a human would respond would interact with IM users. In effect, RoYa behaves as an instance of a IM client to the IM services such as Yahoo IM.

    RoYa is a multitasking component that is designed to create and handle simultanious IM sessions for different Robot-IDs. This component enables programmming and configuration through plug-in DLL and Python script. RoYa is also integrated to web services such as Global Weather.

    RoYa is designed to obfuscate the complexities of IM connectivity. With its simple authoring functionality creating new and specialized IM robot services are made fast and easy.

    RoYa's features:

    • Replying to personal messages (pm).
    • Programmable with script (Python).
    • Programmable by plug-in (DLL) with Delphi.
    • Web services support.
    • Alicebot Supported (that is, RoYa's sister).
    • Desktop and service application support.
    • Remote control and management of Roya is possible remote commands.
    • Sending more than one message to each user.
    • Send a message to multiple users.
    • Changing the Status and supporting Yahoo defaults.
    • Sending and receiving messages with high rate.
    • Open Source and Freeware.


    • Status: Fully functional
    • Source: Included
    • Size: 532kB

    Platforms: ME, W2K, W98, XP,

    Send Message Killer 2002 v.2.84 beta

    By Stian Blesberg.

    Freeware 22 Apr 2002


    Send Message Killer 2002 is a chat program where you can "kill" the one you are talking to. You can:
    • Shutdown
    • Poweroff
    • Restart
    • Logoff
    • Suspend and
    • Hibernate.


    • Status: Fully functional
    • Source: None
    • Size: 1 793kB

    Platforms: ME, W2K, W95, W98, XP,