TIAeverMainMenu, TIAeverPopMenu 2.08

By Igor Andronov

Freeware 07 Sep 2000

In category

Components > Menus > Power Menus


This is the main menu and pop menu components not assigned with standard Tmenu component. Component provides:
  • Real semi-transparence
  • Five kinds (mkSimple, mkWide, mkRects, mkSimpleCorner, mkWideCorner)
  • Free selection of Back Bitmap for each menu list (Tile and stretch)
  • Free selection of Back bitmap (Tile and Stretch) and Main Bitmap (any size, could be transparent) for each item
  • Free Graphics Bar Chosing for any menu list (also for main menu) at 3 positions, with any text and bitmaps (Back and main for each list), any color, any font Option-Continued - added for menu list and for each menu item, so you could to choose only one back bitmap and it will automatically expand on each list/item after with option Continuously (but it rule is break if you choose bitmap manually). So you now need at less quantaty of memory then before.
  • Rarely used items could be hidden and shown (so as it take place in MS Office 2000) by user of menu
  • 6 aligning for main menu (Top, left, right, bottom, noneVertical, noneHorizontal), the noneVertical, noneHorizontal aligning main menu could be placed at any position at form
  • More then one main menu could be used at form
  • Animation on opening/closingt menu (could be removed)
  • Full customized splitters at menu
  • 4 types of preffered menu opening orientation (LeftRightTopBottom, RightLeftTopBottom, LeftRightBottomTop, RightLeftBottomTop)
  • 3 types of 3D font style
  • If length of items list more than menu window height you could free scroll at items list (velocity is customized)
  • Free font and colors selection
  • Keyboard navigation and Quick keys also avaible.


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: FW
  • Size: 109 929kB


  • C++ Builder 4
  • Delphi 4
  • Delphi 5