KACDO Proffesional 3.0

By Kiril Antonov

Freeware 27 Aug 2006

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Components > Internet > E-Mail


KACDO Proffesional is a Delphi implementation of Microsoft's CDO for Windows 2000.

CDO for Windows 2000 is a bigger set of functions to compose and send mail. It will work only on 2000/XP machines.

KACDO Proffesional is a set of 3 powerfull components:

  • KACDO Message - Message, SMTP, NNTP, Encoding and Decoding Component
  • KACDO Manager - For managing IIS SMTP Folders
  • KACDO TreeView - For displaying and modifying structure of complex messages.
  • Various options are:
    • SaveToFile, LoadFromFile, SaveToStream, LoadFromStream
    • Attaching messages by URL and generating message body from URL
    • Powerfull MimeList class for assosiation between file extension and MIME type
    • Generating MHTML files (all html files and images embedded in one file)
    • Text extraction from HTML (Very usefull option from Microsoft).
  • Various encoding types (7bit, 8Bit, Base64, Binary, MacBinHex40, QuotedPrintable, Uuencode);
  • Various authenthication methods (Anonymous, Basic, NTLM)
  • Build in MIME Coder class implementing Encoder and Decoder for all encoding types (MacBinHex40 - only decoder)
  • Build in conversion between various language encodings.


    • Status: Fully functional
    • Source: FW
    • Source price: $50
    • Size: 122 317kB


    • C++ Builder 6
    • Delphi 6
    • Delphi 7