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Create feature-rich windows applications with many new components and universal dialogs.

  • improved DBGrid
  • new DBRecordView, DBTreeView
  • toolbars and db dialogs to Find, Filter, Sort, Export, Print...
  • StringGrid with columns definition
  • GroupBox with automatic alignment and resizing of owned controls

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TAppBar v.1.4

Components > Forms > Complex forms

By Paolo Giacomuzzi.

Freeware + source 09 Jan 1998


The TAppBar class is a TForm derived class, that lets your form to behave like an Application Desktop Toolbar (i.e. to dock on the edges of the screen like the Windows 95/NT Taskbar). "An application desktop toolbar (or an appbar for short) is a window that attaches itself to an edge of your screen. (The shell's taskbar window is a well-known example of an appbar). Though appbars are usually docked on an edge of the user's screen, they also can float. To make room for an appbar that's docked, the Windows 95/NT task , not the full screen. If an appbar is docked on the edge of the screen, moved from one. It can assume one of the following values: abeLeft, abeTop, abeRight, abeBottom, abeUnknown, abeFloat. Many other features.


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: Included
  • Size: 65kB

Platforms: D2, D3