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  • Windows desktop development (VCL): Component products for different areas of Windows app development.
  • Web client development (WEB): Create modern web client applications with Object Pascal from Delphi or Visual Studio Code.
  • Cross-platform development (FNC): UI controls, charting, cloud services, mapping components,...
  • Server backend development (BIZ): Solid libraries for business logic & data access, ORM/REST/HTTP/JSON framework, data modeling.
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    SQLitePass Database Components for SQLite

    DB-Aware Components > DB Access > Other

    By Luc DAVID.

    Freeware + source 04 Jun 2010


    SQLitePass is a simple set of components designed for Lazarus-fpc and Delphi. It provides you an easy and fast access to SQLite databases, especially those created using Kexi, SQLiteExpert, SQLite Administrator, SQLiteToolbox or your favorite SQLite database manager. SQLitePass is able to deal with almost any kind of fields, including blobs, offers fast records sorting, in-memory indexes, unicode support and a wide range of properties in order to use the SQLite API in a very simple way. The SQLiteToolbox demo program available from home page. This project is open source, under LGPL license.


    • Status: Fully functional
    • Source: Included
    • Size: 2 082kB

    Platforms: D2009, D2010, D4, D6, D7