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  • unlimited number of local/remote databases for backup
  • unlimited number of Windows/Linux servers (FB 2.1, 2.5 and 3.0 are supported)
  • option for managing multiple backups for one database
  • optional ZIP compression and FTP transfer of backups
  • running as an application or as a service
  • lifetime license only USD 40
Company Products

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Filesystem Dialogs v.1.8.5

Components > Dialogs > Standard Dialogs

By 3delite.

SWS 25 Dec 2006


The leading file and folder selector component for the Win32 platform. It is call compatible with comdlg32.dll. Its purpose is to provide the most powerful user-friendly file and folder selection options and file managament tools for the session.


  • You can use all your existing comdlg32.dll calls, just call the according functions respectively
  • Can give back multiple files from different folders (that comdlg32.dll cant) for example when loading multiple recent documents
  • Option to call the dialogs like normal forms (without modal mode, and users can continue their work while browsing - this is the prefered mode)
  • All window/column position/size (sorting) settings are saved for every application and/or you can choose to always use your favourite dialog settings
  • Very hiqh quality thumbnail mode (that supports much more formats then the Windows dialog, and displays audio files Taged with ID3v2 and containing SESC frame)
  • Option to cache the thumbnails on a per folder basis (like the Windows dialogs Thumbs.db just with a little bit better quality and with audio file support)
  • If bass.dll is found initialized in the process space audio thumbnails are generated from all formats that BASS supports
  • Recent document list on a per-application basis (favorite feature) available with one click
  • Recent folder list, that you can access very quickly
  • Customizable favorite folders list
  • Drag&Drop
  • Implements by far the best folder selector (with recent and favourite list)
  • Automatically decodes URL encoded filanames and underscores ("Man%20on_Mars.jpg" > "Man on Mars.jpg")
  • Viewer for pictures/images & an integrated web browser for the rest of the files (and a secondary display viewer mode for dual display setups)
  • Only one 1MB .dll - around 30MB in process space
  • Speed: The file dialogs appear for the first time in 1 to 2 seconds and ~600ms on consecutive calls on a 1.5GHz system + list update
Drawbacks: No unicode support.
    Requirements: Delphi (TOpen/SaveDialog compatible) component and C++ header included, VB, C# or any developer environment that supports the stdcall calling convention.


    • Status: Fully functional
    • Source: Included
    • price: $65
    • Exe demo: included
    • Size: 925kB

    Platforms: C2k6, CB1, CB3, CB4, CB5, CB6, D1, D2, D2005, D2006, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7

    TFilesProcess v.1.0

    Components > Files and Drives > Operations

    By 3delite.

    Freeware + source 25 Dec 2006


    A non-visual, callback event based mass file processor component with recoursion. Specify the root folder, and a filter for filenames, and you get back the filenames in a callback.


    • Recourse subfolders
    • Scan all drives
    • File count progress callback.


    • Status: Fully functional
    • Source: Included
    • Exe demo: included
    • Size: 167kB

    Platforms: D2005, D2006, D6, D7

    TFormAbout v.1.0

    Components > Dialogs > Standard Dialogs

    By 3delite.

    Freeware + source 25 Dec 2006


    About dialog form with license text and splash screen component.


    • Splash mode or About mode with license text
    • Alpha blended close
    • Background picture logo
    • Displays links 3-3 with copyright and "Registered to..." message
    Requires 3delite's Helper Functions (available from the homepage).


    • Status: Fully functional
    • Source: Included
    • Size: 6kB

    Platforms: D2005, D2006, D6, D7

    TGraphDisplay3D v.

    Components > Charts and Graphs > Charts

    By 3delite.

    Freeware 31 Jan 2012


    TGraphDisplay3D is a 3D graph display component for Delphi, for use in Win32 (9x/ ME/ 2K/ XP/ Vista/ 7) and Win64 software.

    It's purpose is to provide display of graphs, in the most powerful and efficient (yet easy to use), Direct3D display way. As it uses 3D accelerated graphics it can easily display more then a million values and still maintain real time interaction and decent FPS. It provides functions like positive, mono, stereo or multiple display type of graphs, configureable colors, making a selection, adding markers, animated zoom in and out, automatic amplitude adjusting, customized axis text, etc.

    TGraphDisplay3D also has the powerful ability to display audio sample data. In addition to the functions mentioned before, there is support for displaying mono, stereo or multi-channel audio files (5.1. etc), playback position display, quick-playing from click, etc.


    • Positive, Mono, Stereo and Multi display type
    • Automatic or manual amplitude adjustment
    • Line or "gradient triangles" mode display
    • Real-time oscilloscope mode
    • Audio sample display support (functions to use the component as a sample display) with support for unlimited audio channels
    • Selection capability (per channel for a multi graph)
    • Add markers with name and custom color
    • Component uses an array of graphs, that is you can switch between multiple displays with one line of code
    • Animated display (zoom in and out, startup rotation effect)
    • Completely customizable (axis texts, colors, grids, legends, background, etc.)
    • Supports x64 target platform
    • Fully object oriented Delphi type design


    • Status: Fully functional
    • Source: Included
    • Exe demo: included
    • Size: 8 570kB

    Platforms: D2009, D2010, DXE, DXE2, DXE64

    TRegistration v.1.1

    Components > Security > Shareware

    By 3delite.

    SWS 25 Dec 2006


    A Delphi component for use in Win32 (9x/ME/2K/XP) software.

    Main aim is simplicity, its not for a hardcore program protection. On the contrary, its for convinience. To display the users name in dialogs, etc.

    You put it on the form and have a component that handles the registered/unregistered state of your application and includes a form for the user. You can select (and specify exactly) where do you want to keep your settings an .ini file or the registry, has a couple of events also (you can replace the registration number calculating algorithm in no time with an event) and properties too.

      The other part of the component is the Registration Tool, with which you can handle and manage the registration database.
        The system is designed for manual use:
      • Registering a user takes maximum around a minute work or less (there is an "Add e-mail in clipboard" option also)
      • Multiple projects can be managed
      • You can handle max. 1 million registered users (999999 registrators maximum)
      • English and Hungarian user interface.


      • Status: Fully functional
      • Source: Included
      • price: $20
      • Exe demo: included
      • Size: 1 041kB

      Platforms: D2005, D2006, D6, D7

      TSampleDisplay3D v.1.00

      Components > Effects and Multimedia > Direct X

      By 3delite.

      Freeware 22 Mar 2006


      TSampleDisplay3D is a component for use in Win32 (9x/ME/2K/XP) software. It's purpose is to provide the most powerful and efficient (yet easy to use), 3D sample functions like displaying the sample in 3D with configureable colors, automatic support for ID3v2 SESC, making a selection, zooming, quick-playing from click, configurable selection playback repeat count, edit and create Subsong seekpoints, etc. all on a powerfull Direct3D display.

      Requirements: DirectX 9.


      • Status: Fully functional
      • Source: Included
      • Exe demo: included
      • Size: 3 143kB

      Platforms: D7

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