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Delphi Collections v.1.0.5

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By Matthew Greet.

Freeware + source 15 Mar 2005


Delphi Collections is the kind of library that exists in other OO languages but is strangely missing from Delphi: a library of standard collection types. The standard types are: bag (aka multiset), list (aka vector), map (aka dictionary) and set, with integer map and string maps as additional types in this library. All collections have garbage collection - another feature common in other languages. Delphi Collections is the library that Borland should have written.

Delphi Collections is a kit to compile run-time Delphi 5 and Delphi 7 packages of collection classes, complete with source code, help files, test harness and some documentation. It has only been tested in Delphi 5 and 7 Professional. It only uses standard RTL classes, so it should be compatible with Standard, Enterprise and Delphi 6 versions but this has not been verified. There is no design-time package because it does not provide components.


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: Included
  • Size: 997kB

Platforms: D5, D6, D7