Evgeny Balabuyev

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Extension Library v.2.1

Components > Component Packs > Multi-purpose Lite

By Evgeny Balabuyev.

Freeware + source 21 Mar 2002


Extension Library is a library of native Delphi VCL components.

It contains:

  • Run-time designer component TELDesigner:
    • Can design a form or any TWinControl descendant
    • Form grid
    • Hint window (on resize component, on insern new compnent, on mouse over component)
    • SnapToGrid mode
    • Popup menu
    • Components locking (lmNoMove, lmNoResize, lmNoDelete, lmNoInsertIn, lmNoCopy, lmCustom1, lmCustom2, lmCustom3, lmCustom4, lmCustom5, lmCustom6, lmCustom7, lmCustom8)
    • Clipboard operations (ability to copy-paste a set of components with components references preserving)
    • Operaions on selected components (BringToFront, SendToBack, AlignToGrid, Align (many types))
    • Ready to use keyboard user interface.
  • Run-time object inspector TELPropertyInspector:
    • Ability to show and edit properties of the set of connected to it components
    • Events for creating the list of available components for component reference property type
    • Can expand inline component reference property subproperties
    • Property PropKinds and OnFilterProp event for properties filtration
    • Have already created property editors for all standart Pascal types (Integer, Char, String, Enumeration, ...) and most of VCL types (TCaption, TCursor, TFontCharset, TFontName, TImeName, TFont, TModalResult, TPenStyle, TBrushStyle, TTabOrder, TShortCat, TStrings) and ability to make custom property editors as descandants of TELPropEditor
  • Components for diagram creation TELDiagram, TELDBDiagram:
    • Like MS Access database diagram.
It also contains some other components, such as TELTrayIcon (for showing icon in the system tray), TELInstanceChecker (for creating applications that can not be runned more then ones in the same time), functions for file searching and string comparsion with masks.


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: Included
  • Size: 184kB

Platforms: D5, D6