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ValClip Experts Collection I v.2.0

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By Valentin Sanchez Izquierdo.

Freeware 01 Jul 1997


Enhanced the Delphi IDE with new features in one DLL.


  • Help Expert - Makes HLP Files for your proyects, no extra programs needed.
  • Strings/Language Expert - Strings for your program as together in Paradox File an 7 languages suported, the expert makes the *.RC file, compiles and links with your program.
  • Version Resource Expert - Creates and edits the Windows Version Resource for DLL's and programs in IDE dialog.
  • Projects Expert - Manages easy your projects, in dialog click your project, and Delphi load it.
  • Trace Window - A trace window for your programs display messages, ideal for testing constructors and destructors of class.
  • Macro Expert - Never you writing repeat text.
  • Browse Functions - This expert show in List the functions and methods from you source code, select and jump in the editor to de funcion or method.


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: None
  • Size: 239kB

Platforms: D3