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Create feature-rich windows applications with many new components and universal dialogs.

  • improved DBGrid
  • new DBRecordView, DBTreeView
  • toolbars and db dialogs to Find, Filter, Sort, Export, Print...
  • StringGrid with columns definition
  • GroupBox with automatic alignment and resizing of owned controls

And many more from $25 to $95 only - click for details!

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Quexal v.1.8.2

Developer Tools > Developer Tools > Drivers, Emulation, etc


Shareware 27 Jan 2006


MMX/SSE instructions can greatly enhance the performance of the following applications: multimedia (audio/video), communications, DSP kernels, 2D and 3D graphics, image processing and speech recognition.

But current compilers do not support these instructions. You have to learn all those instructions sets, then painfully code in plain assembly, then discover that achieving the maximum performance requires deep knowledge of the processors' microarchitectures, and finally that debugging and modifying your code is a nightmare.

Now there is a better way: Quexal, a development environment aimed at MMX/SSE programmers.

Here is how Quexal will help you get the job done quickly and easily:

  • flatten the learning curve. you can work with well understood concepts, such as variables and common operations, instead of registers and cryptic MMX/SSE opcodes;
  • take it easy. its custom designed graphical interface guides you step by step, displaying only relevant options;
  • work faster. the compiler optimizes source code into optimally scheduled MMX/SSE assembly code that can be directly pasted into any other development environment, thus taking the optimization phase, the most time-consuming and error prone one, out of the development cycle;
  • save an upgrade. you can use MMX and SSE instructions even if your compiler does not support them, as the bytecode compiler turns source instructions directly into machine language;
  • Quexal supports the Microsoft Visual C++, Borland C++ Builder and Borland Delphi compilers;
  • bug killer includes a visual Debugger that re-arranges source code in a graph showing dependency bonds among instructions;
  • you can enter source values and analyze what the instructions defined in source code do, and therefore easily detect troublesome spots;
  • become a code guru - instantly. the optimized code is as good as that written by world class programmers, but no knowledge of micro architectural designs is required;
  • maintaining code? no problem. you can modify the source code in the Quexal environment and then optimize it again, instead of changing MMX/SSE code listings.


  • Status: Partially restricted
  • Source: None
  • price: $59
  • Size: 2 351kB

Platforms: CB4, CB5, CB6, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7