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  • Host konference: Glenn Dufke - Embarcadero MVP, zakladatel společnosti GlennKonnekt, expert na podnikovou integraci, automatizaci a multi-platformní řešení
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DiCON v.1.0

DB-Aware Components > Multi-Tier > MIDAS alternatives

By enSOF Technology Inc.

Freeware 22 Jan 2002


Today's database programming skills require the ability to solve the problems of linking database engine and Application together, all against the backdrop of rapidly changing corporate environment. The selling point of Thin-Client is it doesn't have to provide access to ODBC, BDE and Vendor library, etc.

In the past, when Delphi tried to create a Client/Server program, it encountered problems in supplying the ODBC, BDE and Vendor library to end-user's PC.

This single obstacle forced the programmer to devote more time on support and administration rather than on development.

Delphi's problem is now solved by DiCON's ability to connect a Database Server through Windows Socket Module (in a basic OS setup). in other words, programs supported by DiCON aren't forced to provide access to ODBC, BDE and Vendor library. DiCON's product offers consumers a high level of support and administrative expertise, during the development of C/S program and intranet program utilizing ActiveX (TDiConnection, TDiCONTable, TDiCONQuery, TDiCONStoredProc, TDiCONVer).


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: On purchase/registration
  • Source price: $3000
  • Size: 1 259kB

Platforms: D5, D6

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