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Professional set of Delphi and C++Builder components for virtual instrumentation

  • Meters, Bars (Gauge), with linear or log(10) scaling
  • Digital indicators (time, value)
  • Operating Point display
  • Dial (knob), Sliders, Trend/Recorder
  • buttons, switches, LED indicators
  • DB-Aware components and many more
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PrintDAT! v.1.60

Components > Reports > Report Tools

By Grebar Systems Inc..

Commercial 05 Apr 2012


PrintDAT. is a report component that can create reports in as little as 1 second from your grid. All report formatting and field layout is done by PrintDAT. which saves you a great deal of time and eliminates mistakes. Your reports will be up and running in just seconds without any bugs.

Simply drop our TPdtPrintDAT component onto your form that has a grid and you have an instant report. Double click the TpdtPrintDAT object and you'll see the report in the report previewer. Press the Print button to send the report to the printer, text file, or export it to a spreadsheet like MS Excel using ASCII delimited output. Add 1 line of code to compile the report into your program.

Print grids or tables with over 1,000 columns across using horizontal page breaks. Plenty of runtime report options like adding report titles, shrink to page, column totals, hide columns in the report, snaking newspaper columns, print wordwrapped multi-lined memos etc. PrintDAT. is the easiest report component you'll ever use.

PrintDAT. can print a

  • TDataSet
  • TTable
  • TQuery
  • TDataset
  • TStringGrid
  • TListBox
  • TListView
  • TdbGrid
  • TCustomDbGrid
  • TDecisionGrid
  • TDecisionQuery
  • TClientDataSet (Midas Connection).
Complete instructions to get PrintDAT. to print virtual any 3rd party grid or dataset.


  • Status: Evaluation (time-limit)
  • Source: On purchase/registration
  • price: $179
  • Size: 12 770kB

Platforms: C2k10, CB4, CB5, CB6, CBXE, CBXE2, D2005, D2006, D2007, D2009, D2010, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, DXE, DXE2, DXE64

SuperFastDistinct v.1.0

DB-Aware Components > DB Access > SQL

By Grebar Systems Inc..

CS 18 May 2006


SuperFastDistinct. is the fastest way on the planet to obtain all the distinct values from a table. All you need is a TTable (or equivalent) and an index on the field(s) you wish to retrieve.
  • Up to 5x, 10x, 100x faster than SQL
  • Over 500x faster than SQL on large LAN based tables over the network (non-Client/Server)
  • Uses up to 1,000x less memory than SQL on large tables compared to database engines like Paradox and others.
  • Prevent computer slow downs and disk thrashing. Improve network throughput.
  • Super easy. Requires only 1 line of code.

A single call to our SuperFastDistinct() procedure is 5x, 10x, even 100x faster than the SQL statement that it replaces:

Select distinct col1 [,col2,col3] from Table1 order by col1 [,col2,col3]

Your users will no longer have to stare at the hourglass while the slow SQL distinct query completes. SuperFastDistinct. can give you the distinct values 5x, 10x to 100x faster than SQL. All you need is an index on the field(s) and our proprietary algorithm will traverse the index to return the distinct values in sub-second speeds even on million row tables. Not only will this make your users happy, but your web server or database server can support more users without consuming vasts amounts of memory.


  • SuperFastDistinct. works with embedded databases, single user databases, multi-user LAN databases, Client/Server databases, and in-memory tables. Anywhere you can use a Table component, you can use SuperFastDistinct..
  • SuperFastDistinct. works with any index, including compound indexes.
  • Lets say you have an index made up of the fields: Country, State, City. You have a choice of retrieving the distinct Countries, or the distinct Country & State combinations, or the distinct Country & State & City combinations. (You must choose one or more of the leading index fields. You cant get distinct Cities from this compound index because the index does not start with City. You would need to create another index on City if you want just the distinct cities.)
  • Add a Filter or a Range to get a subset of distinct values from the table.
  • SuperFastDistinct. is thread safe.
  • Save the distinct values to any TStrings object like a TComboBox, TListBox, TMemo, or to another database table or even to a memory table like kbmMemTable etc..
  • The results are automatically sorted in index order.
  • Unlike SQL, SuperFastDistinct. will not consume a lot of memory and will run fast even on machines with very little memory. Memory consumption is extremely low.
  • SQL engines like Paradox/BDE can consume vast amounts of memory when retrieving the distinct values from a large table. During our benchmark tests, some of the SQL engines consumed over 100 MB of memory when retrieving the distinct values from a 1 million row table. By comparison, SuperFastDistinct. used only 1 kilobyte of memory to retrieve the same distinct values from the same 1 million row table.
  • SQL is not required. If your database doesnt support SQL, thats fine because SuperFastDistinct. doesnt use SQL. SuperFastDistinct. works on any TTable component or 3rd party table component like DBISAM, Advantage, NexusDb, dbExpress, and even kbmMemTable. Support for other databases can be added by the user and we will be releasing support for more databases over the next few months.
  • SuperFastDistinct. comes with complete source code.
  • Works with IntraWeb(TM) from AtoZed and most web based applications that can compile Delphi code.
  • SuperFastDistinct. is 100% Delphi code and runs on Delphi 4 through Delphi 2006 Win32 and Delphi Vcl .NET. All of the SuperFastDistinct. code is stored in a single Delphi unit called SuperFastDis.Pas. There are no DLLs or additional files to install to your clients machine. SuperFastDistinct. gets compiled directly into your .exe file. Getting super fast distinct values from your table is just one function call away.
  • No royalties.
Download our benchmark demo and see the speed improvements for yourself.


  • Status: Demo only
  • Source: Included
  • price: $89
  • Size: 5 720kB

Platforms: C2k6, CB4, CB5, CB6, D2005, D2006, D4, D5, D6, D7