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kbmSQLiteMan v.

By Components4Developers.

Freeware 17 Jul 2014


kbmSQLiteMan is simple to use SQLite manager product.

It supports:

  • SQLite 3 include 3.8.5
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Improved blob interpretation/preview
  • Structure view with SQL generation
  • Save/load scripts
  • Save dataset results to CSV, XML and JSON file
  • In line editing and resolving for non complex SELECTs
  • Complete pragma view with help reference.
  • Automatic SQL creation.


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: None
  • Size: 2 056kB

Platforms: Vista, W2K, W2K3, W2K8, W7, W8, XP,

SQLite Analyzer v.

By KRASLabs.

Shareware 07 Jun 2008


SQLite Analyzer - it is a GUI tool to manage SQLite databases. If you don't know what is SQLite, read about it at www.sqlite.org.

SQLite Analyzer can be used instead of SQLite command-line utility for win32 platform.

Main features of SQLite Analyzer:

  • friendly GUI user interface;
  • you can perform any SQL statement, that supported by SQLite;
  • you can view multi records set;
  • query results can be displayed in grid or in text;
  • results can be copied to clipboard;
  • customized font and color of SQL editor and results grid;
  • connections with several databases at one time;
  • SQL scripts can be saved in file and loaded from file.


  • Status: With Nag-Screen
  • Source: None
  • price: $99
  • Size: 2 772kB

Platforms: ME, NT4, Vista, W2K, W2K3, W95, W98, XP,

SQLite Code Factory v.12.3

By SQL Maestro Group.

Shareware 11 Apr 2012


SQLite Code Factory is a premier SQLite GUI tool aimed at the SQL queries and scripts development.

Key features include:

  • Visual Query Builder
  • Handy SQL Editor with code folding and syntax highlighting
  • Simultaneous executing of several queries with multi-threading
  • Data management: viewing, editing, grouping, sorting and filtering abilities
  • Data export to as many as 14 file formats including Excel, RTF and HTML
  • Data import from Excel, CSV, text files and more
  • Powerful BLOB Viewer/Editor.
The application also provides you with a powerful set of tools to edit and execute SQL scripts, build visual diagrams for numeric data, customize user interface according to your needs and much more.


  • Status: Evaluation (time-limit)
  • Source: None
  • price: $49
  • Size: 8 756kB

Platforms: ME, NT4, W2K, W2K3, W7, W95, W98, XP,

SQLite PHP Generator v.

By SQL Maestro Group.

Freeware 31 Mar 2013


SQLite PHP Generator is a powerful SQLite GUI frontend that allows you to generate high-quality SQLite PHP scripts for the selected tables, views and queries for the further working with these objects through the web.
  • Data management: adding, editing and deleting records
  • Customization of the HTML appearance
  • Filtering and sorting abilities
  • Data protection with a lot of security settings
  • Lookup options for master-detail relations
  • Integrated script navigation
  • Ability to create multilingual web apps.


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: None
  • Size: 11 953kB

Platforms: ME, NT4, Vista, W2K, W2K3, W2K8, W7, W95, W98, XP,

SQLite Query v.

By 2Binfo.

Freeware 18 Oct 2009


Tool to connect to SQLite3 database.
  • No install, just unzip and go
  • Open database
  • Enter SQL instruction
  • View result
  • Zoom data
  • Copy result to clipboard


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: None
  • Size: 605kB

Platforms: ME, NT4, Vista, W2K, W2K3, W95, W98, XP,