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DevExpress Grid Farsi v.

By Ali Reza Zarghi.

Freeware 11 Sep 2008


Components for translation DevExpress Grid to Farsi.


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: None
  • Size: 285kB

Platforms: D7

ExcelGrid Component Library v.1.22

By Vadim Igoshev.

Shareware 25 Aug 2006


ExcelGrid is a component library, contains TExcelGrid - to produce in MS Excel an exact copy of TDBGrid, including fonts, alignment, formatting, borders. If you need simple report in world-wide format, which can send by e-mail, just a call method Fill. TExcelDataset is similar to TExcelGrid, but works with the TDataSet. TExcelDDE - to produce direct data output in MS Excel, including fonts, alignment, formatting, borders.


  • Status: Trial (work while IDE is running)
  • Source: On purchase/registration
  • price: $29
  • Source price: $29
  • Size: 158kB

Platforms: CB4, D3, D4, D5, D6

Express QuantumGrid Suite v.6.26

By Developer Express Inc.

Shareware 14 Jun 2007


The QuantumGrid Suite is the most advanced Grid, TreeList, and Data Editors Library available for Delphi and C++Builder. Written from the ground up, this suite is 100% native VCL and is specifically designed to help you create killer applications, deliver unbelievable features to your end-users, and blow away your competition - all without writing a single line of source code.

"I can't say enough about Developer Express components. We use them because nothing even comes close for developing elegant user interfaces easily. These components are a must have." Xavier Pacheco, President, Xapware Technologies Inc. and Author of the Delphi 5 Developer's Guide.

The ExpressQuantumGrid Suite includes the best grid control in the business - so good in fact, in a recent review by Delphi Informant Magazine it was said of the QuantumGrid, "After my experience with ExpressQuantumGrid and ExpressInspector:I can't imagine developing a Delphi database application without these tools. The grid is the most capable VCL grid I've found. Just by using a small part of its capabilities and customization options, my applications seem more professional, and the users enjoy the editing capabilities."

But: The Suite is far more than this powerful grid control:the suite is also comprised of a feature rich TreeList control, as well as a collection of over 70 standalone field editors - available in data aware and non-data aware editions.


  • Status: Demo only
  • Source: On purchase/registration
  • price: $349.99
  • Source price: $399.99
  • Exe demo: included
  • Size: 17 628kB

Platforms: C2k6, CB5, CB6, D2005, D2006, D2007, D5, D6, D7


By Hades.

Freeware + source 11 Mar 2001


Contais three diferents grids:
  • THDSDBGrid: Descendent from TDBGrid with CalendarEditor, MemoEditor, CheckBoxEditor, ImageEditor for fields that support these edition formats.
  • THDSEllipseGrid: Descendent from TStringGrid, this component add some draw features.
  • THDSGlyphGrid: Descendent from TCustomGrid, this component draw image files (bmp, gif, jpg ...) in its cells.


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: Included
  • Size: 50kB

Platforms: D4, D5

TMS Grid Pack v.

By TMS Software.

Shareware 16 Dec 2016


One package providing all grid components of TMS software.


  • TAdvStringGrid: Highly supercharged string grid
  • TAdvGridDropDown: A multi column combobox on steroids
  • TAdvGridWorkbook: Multisheet version of TAdvStringGrid
  • TAdvColumnGrid: String grid with flexible column oriented property management
  • TAdvSpreadGrid: Formula-aware spreadsheet version of TAdvStringGrid
  • TDBAdvGrid: Data-aware version of TAdvStringGrid
  • TAdvPreviewDialog: Print preview dialog
  • TAdvGridPrintSettings: Dialog for setting the various grid's print options
  • TAdvGridHTMLSettings: Dialog for setting the various grid's HTML export features
  • TAdvGridFindDialog: Dialog wrapping all grid's find functionality
  • TAdvGridImportDialog: Dialog for help during TXT or CSV file import
  • TAdvGridExcelIO: Native XLS file import & export with TAdvStringGrid, TAdvColumnGrid, TAdvSpreadGrid and TAdvGridWorkbook
  • TAdvGridRTFIO: Component to export grid to RTF files
  • TAdvGridCSVPager: Component to use CSV files with paging
  • TESBMathsLib: ESB Mathematics library for TAdvSpreadGrid by ESB Consultancy
  • TChartLink: Synchronize TChart's with grid's data in a codeless way
  • TFormCtrlLink: Component to link any TWinControl descendent as inplace editor for grids
  • TAdvGridFilterPanel & TAdvGridFilterDialog: Components for building filters visually for TMS grids
  • TAdvDBFilterPanel & TAdvDBFilterDialog: Components for building filters visually for datasets
  • TAdvGridPDFIO: Component for exporting the TAdvStringGrid content to a PDF file
  • TAdvGridColumnPicker: Popup control that can be used to select columns to display in the grid. Columns can be moved via drag & drop between the column picker list and the grid


  • Status: Trial (work while IDE is running)
  • Source: On purchase/registration
  • price: $140
  • Exe demo: included
  • Size: 3 873kB

Platforms: D7, C2k7, D2007, C2k9, D2009, C2k10, D2010, CBXE, DXE, C10.1, D10.1, CBXE2, DXE2, CBXE3, DXE3, CBXE4, DXE4, CBXE5, DXE5, CBXE6, DXE6, CBXE7, DXE7, CBXE8, DXE8, C10, D10