DINO - Gecko-Delphi Framework Linux Edition 1.1

By KAMA Software

Shareware 28 Jan 2006

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DINO (Gecko-Delphi Framework) is a brand new model of programme-writing which starts to be widely used around the world. Many programmers begin creating programmes which are cheaper and more reliable. The characteristic feature and the advantage of Gecko-Delphi Framework lies in the fact that you don't have to spend much time for writing GUI interface for products you produce. There is no need in similar labour-intensive and in the long run expensive functions to repaint simple graphic elements. You can instead use XUL, XBL and CSS. What's more even a designer working in Web will be able to develop professional graphic interface.

Besides Gecko-Delphi Framework separates native business logics of the programme from its graphic content. The problem of expansion of the system's functions is its dependence on the visual part. A large number of systems can't be upgraded because any change of business logics causes high spendings for GUI development. You won't have to spend any if you use Gecko-Delphi Framework. All you have to do is to develop logical models of the programme while designers have to get ready graphic interface of a new product. On the other hand a part of business logics can be implemented on JavaScript engine built in Gecko-Delphi Framework. It's the best solution for parts of the system which are not sensitive to performance and don't have to be optimized. In any case the combination JavaScript engine plus the native code is very effective. We have developed architecture of classes which enables to start quick work with Gecko-Delphi Framework. We hope it's easy to work with for those who deal with VCL and CLX. We have done our best to hide from users of this architecture interior parts of base GRE (Gecko Runtime Environment) implementation. The reason for this operation is to make work with Gecko-Delphi Framework as easy as possible. Demonstration examples for Delphi and Kylix are to make understanding of the library functions easier. Gecko-Delphi Framework is a 100%-cross-platform library. When the code for one OS is written and debugged it can be built and launched in another OS.


  • Status: Evaluation (time-limit)
  • Source: SW
  • Price: $249
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