Storage Library 3.23

By Andrei Roofin

Shareware 24 Feb 2003

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Collection of components allowing the work with configuration data in application (application settings). At use of this library the necessity disappears to create special classes for management the application settings.

Some features:

  • In memory tree-type structure of data;
  • Data exchange with an ini files, registry, binary files, XML files, TStream Delphi object.
  • Data types: Integer, String, Boolean, Float, DateTime, Buffer, Component, Persistent, Stream, Point, Currency, Int64;
  • Data encrypting. Ability to save data in external storage (ini file, registry or ...) in the ciphered format.
  • Working with the published properties of other components without programming (dialog in design time);
  • Has customized templates for choice properties;
  • Saving the form position and state without programming;
  • Little programming for operation with unpublished properties of other components;
  • Auto link references between Storage library components;
  • Small addition to a size of an executable file (20~56kb);
  • All Storage library components are optimized on speed.


  • Status: Partially restricted
  • Source: SW
  • Price: $35
  • Size: 1 011 783kB


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  • Kylix 2
  • Kylix 3