TUniBitmap 1.0

By Endre I. Simay

Freeware 22 Aug 2001

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Kylix > Components > Graphics


Extended TBitmap object for Kylix CLX. XUniBMP Unit was made according to UniBmp developed for Delphi (16 and 32 bit) earlier and it was based on Herbert J.Beemster’s UBitmap one with Kurt Haenen’s LZRW1KH unit. Kurt Haenen’s LZRW1KH Unit was modified for Kylix, too, and that is presented as Lzrw1khx.pas. There is overriding of its LZRWIdentifier constant will serve a "LZRW" identifier in the compressed file instead of "WRZL". Another suggestion is the ".BLZ" extension for the compressed bitmap files, because of this unit can compress bitmaps with BitmapHeader structures like the standard Windows’ DIBs. Classes2 Unit is not needed for Loading Compressed Bitmaps from Resource’s RCDATA, beacuse it was developed for 16 bit Delphi earlier and those methods are implemented in Kylix by Borland. On other hand the Unit contains TUniBitmap as name of modified TBitmap. So, the Delphi-source shouldn’t modified. It was implemented for Kylix, but probably work for Delphi 6, too.


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: FW
  • Size: 18 344kB


  • Kylix 1