TBitmapX 1.1

By Endre I. Simay

Freeware 11 Dec 2001

In category

Kylix > Components > Graphics


Kylix might be freeze by using RLE-compressed bitmaps with BMP extension saved under Windows. So, the TBitmapX will need to correct this problem by serving a hard-decoder for these. TBitmapX also could decode pf15bit Bitmaps as well as the wrong format ones saved by my Delphi 5 used in VMware box under SuSE 7.3. The code was more intensively tested under Kylix 2, but probably portable into Delphi 6, too.

The revised v1.1 of the code is corrected for eliminating a potential memory-leak caused by lacking try-finally blocks and now are used ReadBuffer and WriteBuffer instead of Read and Write respectively for handling streamed data.


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: FW
  • Size: 2 321kB


  • Kylix 1
  • Kylix 2