NrComm Lib 7.22

By DeepSoftware

Shareware 21 Dec 2007

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Kylix > Components > Communications


The nrComm Lib contents:
  • TnrComm powerful component for direct access to serial port (nrcomm.pas)
  • TnrCommTAPI powerful component for TAPI services with Voice support (nrcommtapi.pas). Direct access to com port in voice modem mode (not supported for Kylix (Linux platform) version of course).
  • TnrBarCodeScan component for the barcode scanners (nrbarcode.pas)
  • TnrZModem component for common file transfer protocol (nrzmodem.pas)
  • TnrLogFile component for logging (nrlogfile.pas)
  • TnrLpt component for access to LPT port pins (nrlpt.pas)
  • TnrDeviceBox visual control for selecting device COM, LPT, USB port or TAPI
  • TnrSemaphore visual simple check component (nrsemaphore.pas)
  • TnrWave component for various actions with sound for voice modems. Redirect between modem and file, speakers, other modem.
  • TnrSpeech component. Implement the Text-To-Speech interface. You can type text that will be speaked into your voice modem.
  • ANSI/VT100 terminal support.


  • Status: With Nag-Screen
  • Source: SW
  • Price: $58
  • Size: 583 982kB


  • Kylix 1
  • Kylix 2
  • Kylix 3