TQuickSelect 1.5

By TrollSoft

Freeware 24 Jan 2000

In category

DB-Aware Components > Visual > Visual Queries


Component for visual creation of SQL-queries. Enables the user to create SQL-queries by simply putting together English sentences with the mouse. The following languages are also supported: Norwegian, Spanish, French and German.

The main new feature of TQuickSelect is the ability to access queries (reports) without having to execute the dialog. A new component (with full source) is included as an example. If you want to take a look on a full overview of new features, visit the TQuickSelect homepage.


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: FW
  • Source price: $45
  • Size: 157936 - 247331kB


  • Delphi 2
  • Delphi 3
  • Delphi 4
  • Delphi 5