Advanced DBEdit Controls 2.00

By Gregor Markowski

Freeware 18 Dec 2014

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DB-Aware Components > Visual > Edits and Memos


The suite of enhanced edit components:
  • TAdvEdit
  • TAdvMemo
  • TAdvTreeView
  • TAdvPopupEdit
  • TAdvDropDownEdit
  • TAdvDateTimeEdit
  • TAdvNumericEdit
  • TAdvComboBox
  • TAdvColorBox
  • TAdvDBEdit
  • TAdvDBMemo
  • TAdvDBTreeView
  • TAdvDBDateTimeEdit
  • TAdvDBNumericEdit
  • TAdvDBComboBox
  • TAdvDBLookupComboBox
  • TAdvDBLookupTreeView
  • TAdvDBColorBox
for fast and easy data entering.

All these components (except TAdvTreeView and TAdvDBTreeView) are descendants of TAdvCustomEdit class and TAdvCustomEdit class is improved descendant of TCustomEdit. I have created these components with minimum programming code. Wherever the original Borland code was not optimal I have overriden it, but generally I’ve tried to take the maximum advantage of Borland code.

My idea also was to make these components maximum friendly for both keyboard and mouse using and to give them pretty look (see TMathCalculator and TDateTimeSelector which descendants are also used as dropdown window appropriately in TAdv(DB)NumericEdit and TAdv(DB)DateTimeEdit).

You will be amazed at the potentiality, efficiency and look and feel of AdvEdit components.

Some of important features in all components:

  • property Allignment
  • property AllowExitOnKeyPress lets You decide if after pressing key UP, key DOWN or RETURN focus is changed to previous or next control (in Memos case, behaviour after RETURN press depends also on WantReturns setting, if AllowExitOnKeyPress = True then if key Up was pressed and Carret was in top line then previous control is focused and if key down was pressed and Carret was in bottom line then next control is focused)
  • properties ColorWhenFocused and FontColorWhenFocused let You to change colors of the control when it receives focus, without a need of writing additional code anywhere in Form
  • improved border drawing (see DEMO-exe)
  • in components with dropped down windows:
    • property AllowInput lets You decide if user can enter data (also paste is controlled) or only choose something from the dropped down window (generally there is a system that lets You fully control data entering in very easy way)
    • property CursorOverButton lets You change mouse cursor when it moves over edit control’s button
  • TAdvColorBox - smart component for selecting colors
    • Standard Colors List
    • Hue/Saturation/Lumination Color Palette
    • You can easely switch between these two PopupWindows
  • TAdv(DB)NumericEdit with dropped down calculator with rounding feature
    • TMathCalculator is small TCustomControl descendants, and same as TDateTimeSelector, contains no other control - only graphic function and event handlig
  • in TAdvDBLookupComboBox:
    • property EditingOptions lets You define how user can modify ListSource’s Dataset (insert, edit, delete / accessed by clicking on Buttons or PopupMenu) and how KeyValue should be set
    • property ListTitles is a semicolon separated string that lets You set column titles (if ListFields.Count > 1 and lvoColumnTitles in ListViewOptions); if ListTitles is empty then titles are taken from column’s Field.DisplayLabel properties
    • properties ListTitlesColor and ListViewOptions let You customize appearance of the dropped down list (column headers, vertical and horizontal lines, rounding float fields to CurrencyDecimals)
    • HotTrack property and MouseWheel scroll let You walk through the dropdown list in much more comfortable way than in standard TDBLookupComboBox
    • support for multifield KeyField
  • in TAdvDBLookupTreeView
    • works just like TAdvDBLookupComboBox
    • tree is built dynamically, "on demand" of expanding node
    • very fast node locating when setting a KeyValue
    • SizingBorder for popup TreeView window
    • You can decide if only Childless nodes can be selected
    • property MultiParentAllowed: if set to True then You can attach same nodes to varies Parents
  • in TAdvCheckListBox, TAdvComboCheckBox, TAdvDBComboCheckBox
    • check flag can be stored as integer or bytes
    • options are identified by list item indexes
  • and much more - see DEMO application (using TObject descendants class hierarchy)
  • see History.Txt for changes
  • You can register the components under Your own names if You already have components with such names in Your Delphi IDE. Take a look at the AdvEditCtrls_RegDeclar.pas placed in Source folder. You can use them in Your IDE completly free - there is no time limit or NAGscreen.


    • Status: Trial (work while IDE is running)
    • Source: FNC
    • Size: 1 898 258kB


    • Delphi 2006 (Win32)
    • Delphi 2007 (VCL)
    • Delphi 6
    • Delphi 7