FastCube VCL v. 2021.1.4

By Fast Reports, Inc.

Shareware 20 May 2015

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FastCube VCL - OLAP pivot cube library for Delphi 7-XE8, RAD Studio 10-11,and Lazarus. It is not just a new generation of “Decision Cube” and much more than Pivot Grid control, it is a powerful high-speed standalone OLAP-cube engine. Integrate FastCube OLAP-library to your application, prepare data (or several data sets) that will be necessary for your end-users, and bring Business Intelligence directly into your application. Give freedom of report creation to your end-users – support them in getting reasonable decisions.

Your customers will no longer need Excel-tables for multi-dimensional data analysis and cross-tab reporting.

  • FastCube components can be built into the interface of host applications
  • FastCube end users do not require high programming skills to build reports
  • FastCube is a set of OLAP Desktop components for Delphi/C++Builder/Lazarus
  • Connection to data-bases can be not only through the standard ADO or BDE components but also through any component based on TDataSet
  • Instant downloading and handling of data arrays
  • Ready-made templates can be built for summary tables. It is posible to prohibit users from modifying the schema
  • All FastCube's settings may be accessed both programmatically and by the end user
  • FastCube's data can be saved in a compact format for data exchange and data storage


    • Status: Trial (work while IDE is running)
    • Source: SW
    • Price: $299
    • Source price: $299
    • Size: 5608814 - 10130668kB


    • C++ Builder 2006
    • Delphi 2006 (Win32)
    • C++ Builder 2007
    • Delphi 2007 (VCL)
    • CBuilder 2009
    • Delphi 2009
    • C++ Builder 2010
    • Delphi 2010
    • C++ Builder XE
    • Delphi XE
    • C++ Builder XE2
    • Delphi XE 2
    • C++ Builder XE3
    • Delphi XE3
    • C++ Builder XE4
    • Delphi XE4
    • C++ Builder XE5
    • Delphi XE5
    • C++ Builder XE6
    • Delphi XE6
    • C++ Builder XE7
    • Delphi XE7
    • C++ Builder XE8
    • Delphi XE8
    • Delphi 7
    • Delphi 2005 (VCL)