TPropsSaver and TLayoutManager 1.3

By Jose Sebastian Battig

Freeware 27 Nov 2000

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Components > Tools > Apps Settings


This component allows to save applications layout to Registry, IniFiles, or other target you want (database, text file, etc.). Basically the user has to visually select the components and properties he (or she) wants to give persistence.

Some of the basic features this components has:

  • Allows saving/loading subproperties of class properties with no limits of nesting subproperties. For example, the user can select to save and restore only the Size property of a Font property.
  • Open to register new loader/savers to other targets different from Registry or Ini files. You can register a loader/saver to store all the layout information in a database for example.
  • Open to register new class to text translators in order to save in some special way some classes. With the component comes an example of a class translator to save the columns and rows layout of a TStringGrid.
  • Works with all datatypes (even method and class types, classes as references or as objects) except arrays, dynamic arrays and records. Records are not usual because it’s more common to see class properties. In the case of published arrays, a new class save/loader can be registered to manage this, like in the TStringGrid example included.
  • Manages the layout for all open forms at a given moment.
  • No code needed to define the layout. But also exists the chance to define it with code at runtime.
  • Included component TLayoutManager to easy management of Layouts. Included is a Demo on how to use TPropsSaver and TLayoutManager.
  • Supports basic encryption.
  • Added support for registering non-published properties. For the case of TCustomComboBox now you can select to use the class loader provided as example, or to use a custom defined ItemIndex non-published property, and be able to select it on design time.
  • Added TDynPropertiesHolder component. You can define dynamic properties in this component that will be integrated with TPropsSaver. This component is intended to be used with configuration data that is not directly related to other component in the application, or simply to read data from the registry on it.
  • Better TPropsSaver design time editor than in previous version. The new editor allows to edit also subproperties in the editor form.
  • Added a wizzard that allows the user to select a given set of properties as the default properties for a given class. You can have several sets of properties for each class also. And you can select to apply this wizzard for any base class of the selected component. This wizzard feature will be known to the users of TIniPropSav.
  • Added design window to manage wizzards. Basically from this window it’s possible to see all properties wizzards and remove them.
  • Added functionality to register subproperties for a given class. As an example comes a register routine that shows on design time the properties of the items of any collection. In this way you can select to save the columns of a listView, but only the properties of the items you want.
  • Added a wizzard to import the layout of the old TIniPropSav component for those that still use it.


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: FW
  • Exe demo: included
  • Size: 236 110kB


  • Delphi 5