GridPack for ReportBuilder V2.11

By William Yu

Commercial 09 Jan 2005

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Grid Pack for ReportBuilder is a set of components designed to work with ReportBuilder, the report tool from Digital Metaphors, to enhance its functionality and make your report look more powerful and more professional. All grids only save necessary information into the report file, and keep the report file size as small as it can, so the speed of loading a report is very much faster.

The pack includes 5 components: TrbTableGrid, TrbDBTableGrid, TrbCrossTable, TrbPageBreak and TrbCheckBox.

  • TrbTableGrid is a stretchable table grid, that let’s developers more easily design grid, table, fill-in form reports. The features include:
    • Cells can be merged and split.
    • Cells can be stretched.
    • Cells can have multi-line captions with aligment (left, center, right) and layout (top, middle, bottom) attributes as well as left, top, right and bottom margins.
    • You can specify a name and a display format for each cell.
    • Cells can have own background color and font (name, style, size, color) attributes.
    • You can specify line color (which can be print properly under the non-color printer) and one of the following pre-defined 10 line styles for each side of cell borders The value of the pre-defined 10 line styles can be: No line, 1/8 pt line, 1/4 pt line, 1/2 pt line, 3/4 line, 1 Pt line, 1 1/2 pt line, 2 1/4 pt line, 3 pt line, 4 1/2 pt line, 6 pt line.
    • Cells can have left, top, right, bottom spaces.
    • Cells can have their own font name rather than using the default grid font.
    • Selected columns or rows can be deleted, and you can insert specific rows at below or above of the selected rows, insert specific columns into left or right side of the selected columns. Also support rows and columns append.
    • Supports calculated cells (Min, Max, Average and Sum).
    • A new Cell properties... dialog, which can easily to use to modify properties of selected cells at once.
    • Support TExtraDevices v2.8 or later.
    • Run-time event to show/hide rows and columns.
    • Run-time methods to dynamic grid creation.
    • Design time selectable cells, resizable columns and rows.
  • TrbDBTableGrid is a dataware table grid. The features include:
    • All the features of TrbTableGrid, plus,
    • Each cell can has a Data field associated with it (Only supports all non-blob fields).
    • new AutoTraversal property, by enabling this property, the grid would display detail band record row by row automatically if the grid rows have data fields, and display remaining empty rows if the data reaches to EOF.
    • new ResetTraversal property, by using this property, Grids can share the same records if they are in the same detail band.
  • TrbCrossTable is a unique and powerful CrossTab component. The features include:
    • All the features of TrbDBTableGrid.
    • TrbCrossTable is fully configurable at design time, which means you can do anything to its cells.
  • TrbPageBreak:
    • a page break component, which force a page break in the report.
  • TrbCheckBox is a check box. The features include:
    • a Caption assciated with it.
    • Pre-defined 7 styles of check boxes.


  • Status: Demo only
  • Source: C
  • Price: $80
  • Exe demo: included
  • Size: 1 557 088kB


  • Delphi 5
  • Delphi 6
  • Delphi 7