By Benito van der Zander

GPL 23 May 2008

In category

Components > ListViews and TreeViews > Special Views


This component is a mix between TTreeView and TListView and can paint a tree whose nodes have additional information sorted in columns.

It has these features:

  • It can show a tree together with columns
  • The lines can be drawn striped, so lines alternate their background color.
  • It can paint dividing lines between rows and columns.
  • Each node can get an icon and the user can collapse and expand it.
  • The lines can automatically be sorted
  • The entries of the columns can be left aligned, right aligned or centered
  • Contains a Mozilla like search bar
  • It is independed of the Windows Common Controls
It also works in Lazarus. Only D4 and BDS2006 are tested, but it should work in every Delphi version between them.


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: GPL
  • Size: 150 331kB


  • Delphi 2005 (VCL)
  • Delphi 2006 (Win32)
  • Delphi 2007 (VCL)
  • Delphi 4
  • Delphi 5
  • Delphi 6
  • Delphi 7