TUrlLabel 1.0

By Frank van Bommel

Freeware 08 Feb 2011

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Components > Labels > Link Labels


TUrlLabel, standard Tlabel that enables you to send e-mail or surf the net.

Component which creates a standard TLabel with added property "URL" for surfing the web, you can use it to send e-mail too, the default properties were changed to bold font, green color and a hand cursor. It again shows you how easy it is to write your own components, so this is a follow up on easy component writing guide which you can find here on my site too as many more things all for free. Usage: very simple, in the property editor you see a new option after you installed this Delphi component and dropped it on any form: URL. Now if you want to surf just fill in the URL, if you want to e-mail start with = mailto:someone@mail.com.

Try it it really is fun to add events yourself. This component will most likely work in Delphi 5, 6 and 8 and up too but it was created in Delphi 7.


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: FW
  • Size: 159 035kB


  • Delphi 2005 (VCL)
  • Delphi 2006 (Win32)
  • Delphi 2007 (VCL)
  • Delphi 2009
  • Delphi 2010
  • Delphi 6
  • Delphi 7