NG ConnectionPack v.2022.0

By LMD Innovative

Commercial 16 Mar 2022

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LMD NG ConnectionPack is a part of Next Generation (NG) package suite. All these packages are based on new IDE and language features of latest Delphi IDE versions. NG ConnectionPack provides the ability to access to Web based services (REST services), such as cloud storage services. NG ConnectionPack ships with visual tool, called API Explorer, which accessible at design-time via Delphi’s Tools menu sub-item or as a component editor for NG ConnectionPack components. API Explorer provides an easy and intuitive way for REST operations execution, including uploading and downloading data without code writing. Its a great tool for test purposes and services understanding. Note: Starting from 2018 release NG ConnectionPack has been almost fully re-designed. The packages no longer provide unified interface for cloud storage components. Instead we’ve concentrated on the formal way of implementing REST services, which allow to provide most complete functionality for each service, with API structure, closely related to corresponding services API and documentation.
  • Provides state-less access to the following REST services: Google Drive, Google Tasks, Google Calendars, Dropbox, Box.NET.
  • Provides authentication dialog, along with a custom auth-UI interface for building application specific authentication dialogs…
  • Supports secure OAuth 2.0 authentication methods.
  • Allows to store/load authentication state to prevent explicit user authentication each time application starts…
  • Provides a smart memory management model, simplifying the package usage…
  • Provides grouping capability, which allow to implement a single authentication into a group of services of the same vendor (in this first release for for Google services only)…
  • Compatible with Delphi XE2 and better, including 64bit support. Any new Delphirelease will be supported almost immediately after public availability.
  • FMX support for Delphi XE4 and higher
  • Supported operating systems: Win 8 or better
  • Full sourcecode of all controls included. Registered versions include DevUtil to compile packages on target system.
  • Extensive demo project with sourcecode
  • Free updates via Internet
  • A Site License covers unlimited number of developers in same organization at one location
  • Free technical support via public forum (, e-mail, fax or mail;
  • Also available as part of NG Complete or LMD VCL Complete.


  • Status: Trial (work while IDE is running)
  • Source: C
  • Price: $79
  • Size: 120626956 - 202484780kB


  • C++ Builder XE2
  • Delphi XE 2
  • C++ Builder XE3
  • Delphi XE3
  • C++ Builder XE4
  • Delphi XE4
  • C++ Builder XE5
  • Delphi XE5
  • C++ Builder XE6
  • Delphi XE6
  • C++ Builder XE7
  • Delphi XE7
  • C++ Builder XE8
  • Delphi XE8
  • C++ Builder 10
  • Delphi 10
  • CBuilder 10.1 Berlin
  • Delphi 10.1 Berlin
  • CBuilder 10.2 Tokyo
  • Delphi 10.2 Tokyo
  • CBuilder 10.3 Rio
  • Delphi 10.3 Rio
  • CBuilder 10.4 Sydney
  • Delphi 10.4 Sydney
  • CBuilder 11 Alex.
  • Delphi 11 Alexandria