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Shareware 04 Sep 2014

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WebFMX is a remoting solution that allows applications built with FireMonkey framework, to be accessed from the Web with any standard Web Browser (HTML5).

Some of the WebFMX features are:

  • Cross-Browser, Cross-Device and Cross-Plataform client
  • Remote PDF printing
  • Open File redirection to allow upload files from the client machine
  • Download file method
  • RemoteInfo object, with information about the browser
  • Application timeout management, to allow regain control of an application when the connection was lost.
  • MessageDialog and InputQuery implementation
  • Font modes: WebFont and Bitmap font.
  • Events to control resizing, termination and webfonts.
  • JavaScript SDK Library


  • Status: Evaluation (time-limit)
  • Source: SW
  • Price: $325
  • Size: 48 187 338kB


  • Delphi XE3
  • Delphi XE4
  • Delphi XE5
  • Delphi XE6
  • FireMonkey 2
  • FireMonkey 3