Nexus Portal

By Nexus Database Systems

Commercial 01 Oct 2012

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Nexus Portal is a remoting framework for developers including full Remote Desktop Control, File Explorer and Multi User Chat over HTTP/HTTPS. Portal is supported for Delphi 7 - XE with applications running on Windows 2000 or higher.

Portal is a unique set of components that is available with full source code and different support level agreements. Nexus Portal allows you to write a custom host application for your clients in minutes and you can connect and remotely view or even control their computers with one single button click.

Nexus Portal is faster than any other shrink wrapped software and the well balanced combination of simplicity and flexibility gives you full control over connections at any given time.


  • Status: Trial (work while IDE is running)
  • Source: C
  • Price: $746
  • Source price: $1333
  • Size: 10 493 071kB


  • Delphi 2005 (VCL)
  • Delphi 2006 (Win32)
  • Delphi 2007 (VCL)
  • Delphi 2009
  • Delphi 2010
  • Delphi 7
  • Delphi XE
  • Delphi XE 2
  • Delphi XE3
  • Delphi XE2 64-bit