HTML Viewer Components 9.45

By Dave Baldwin

Freeware 09 Jun 2008

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Components > Internet > Browsers


The HTML component set consists of the ThtmlViewer , TFrameViewer, and TFrameBrowser components. All three are HTML document display components:
  • ThtmlViewer: The basic component. ThtmlViewer displays single (non-frame) documents. It forms the basis for the other two components.
  • TFrameViewer: Displays both Frame and single HTML documents. TFrameViewer is oriented more for local disk file use.
  • TFrameBrowser: Also displays Frame and single HTML documents. However, TFrameBrower is oriented toward Internet style protocols and URL usage. Additional code and/or components are generally required to use TFrameBrowser.
Version 9 of these components supports most of the HTML 3.2 specifications with many additional popular HTML 4 enhancements. Many Cascading Style Sheet properties are also supported.


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: FW
  • Size: 1 270 021kB


  • Delphi 2005 (VCL)
  • Delphi 2006 (Win32)
  • Delphi 4
  • Delphi 5
  • Delphi 6
  • Delphi 7