Carbonsoft cxDrive 1.0

By CarbonSoft

Freeware 04 Apr 2004

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Components > Files and Drives > Disk Information


Carbonsoft cxDrive is an interface-based class library for Borland Delphi that makes obtaining information about the fixed and removable disks in a system both quick and simple.

Getting information about one or more of the disks in a system is a relatively straightforward task. There are well documented functions in the Win32 API that will tell you whatever you want to know. Carbonsoft cxDrive wraps these functions into an easy to use class library that hides the complexity of the underlying API calls allowing you to concentrate on getting the information you want rather than the obscurities of the Win32 API.

The information available includes:

  • Drive availability
  • Drive type (removable, fixed, remote, CD-ROM, RAM)
  • Drive name (as displayed in Windows Explorer)
  • Space information (total, available, free, and used)
  • Drive features and characteristics (reparse points, case sensitivity, etc)
  • Volume information (path, volume name)
  • Shell information (icon, name, type name).
The standard package includes full source code for the cxDrive class library and a VCL example program.


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: FW
  • Size: 24 632kB


  • Delphi 7